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Zimbra Email and Collabration Suite

In partnership with Zimbra, we are excited to provide you with a highly advanced and cost effective email hosting solution with a rich set of collabration features, accessible from anywhere with just a web browser on any internet connected computer.

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Zimbra Inbox

Web-base email solution with user-friendly drag & drop and
right-click support usually found only on desktop applications.

Zimbra Calendar

Ability to share and schedule multiple calendars,
a low cost alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Zimbra Doc

Feature-rich document editing & sharing for collabration,
with support for images and common spreadsheet functionality.

You have the choice of enjoying the Zimbra Collabration Suite either by signing up a hosting plan with us at an affordable price of per account per month basis, or engaging us to setup a Zimbra Collabration Suite Server located in your office if you have inhouse resources to maintenance your own server.

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